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Luigi Mavric's Statistics

Name Luigi Mavric Hours 4.13
Pilot ID RSU2151 Flights 6
Hub SLVR Distance Flown 1150 miles
Rank Piloto Estudiante Last Flight 24 Days ago
Hire Date: 09/25/2021 Last Flight Date 11/15/2021

My Bio

Luigi Mavric joined Aerosur Virtual 75 days ago, and is based out of the SLVR hub. Luigi Mavric was given the Pilot ID of RSU2151. Is currently holding a rank of Piloto Estudiante. RSU2151 currently has 6 flights totalling 4.13 flight hours. RSU2151 last flight was on November 15, 2021, 24 days ago. RSU2151 has a best landing landing of -131 with an average landing of -306. Also with a worst landing of -306. RSU2151 has earned $ 168.66 since joining Aerosur Virtual on September 25, 2021. has also earned 0 awards flying with Aerosur Virtual.

Luigi Mavric (Hired 75 days ago!)

Luigi Mavric's Landings Stats

Best Landing: -131
Average Landing: -306
Worst Landing: -719


Pilot has not earned any awatds yet. Maybe send him a reminder to fly.

Lista de Reportes de Vuelos (6)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
5L2151 SLCB SLTR 737-700 NG (CP-2811) 00.49 11/15/2021 Rejected
5L2151 SLCB SLVR 737-700 NG (CP-2811) 00.37 11/07/2021 Accepted
5L2151 SLCB SLVR 737-700 NG (CP-2811) 00.41 10/12/2021 Accepted
5L2151 SLLP SLVR 737-700 NG (CP-2811) 01.02 10/07/2021 Accepted
5L2151 SLCB SLLP METRO III (CP-2253) 00.33 10/06/2021 Accepted
5L2151 SLVR SLCB 737-700 NG (CP-2811) 00.32 10/03/2021 Accepted
5L2151 SLTR SLVR 737-700 NG (CP-2811) 00.48 10/02/2021 Accepted
RSU237 SLCB SLVR 737-700 NG (CP-2811) 00.43 09/28/2021 Rejected

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